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The Ramnagar town was established in 1856 by Commissioner Henry Ramsay. It is situated in the Nainital district of the Kumaon region of the state of Uttarakhand. Located on the banks of Kosi River and at an elevation of 345mts above sea level, Ramnagar is not only the commencement point of Kumaon hills but it is also one of the gateways of much popular Jim Corbett National Park.

Ramnagar has successfully lured tourists and adventure lovers and it is capable of drawing attention. Ramnagar is situated in the rich farm belt of Terai, on the southeastern fringes of the great forests.

It is considered to be a busy market town and is one of the main administrative centres for Corbett National Park and Project Tiger. Ramnagar is connected with motorable roads as well as railway networks.

Its accessibility to the Corbett National Park and the famous lake city of Nainital makes it even more popular destination. Ramnagar is a nice getaway if one wants to be away from the hustle-bustle of the city space and amidst the mountainous terrains of Kumaon.

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