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Kasar Devi

Kasar Devi is located at a distance of 8 kms from Almora in the aloof village situated in the silence of verdant Kumaon hills. Kasar Devi village gets its name from the namesake local deity, Kasar Devi. A Devi temple erected in her reverence is a popular pilgrimage destination in the vicinity of Almora. Kasar Devi is amidst the grandeur of the panoramic view of the valleys, rivers and hamlets, sits as the most desirable tourist destination.

The serene and pleasing atmosphere that encapsulates Kasar Devi has drawn many wekk known artist, writers and poets and personalities. Swami Vivekananda graced this place by his presence when he visited Kasar Devi in 1890. Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Cat Stevens, Allen Ginsburg and Timothy Leary are some of the well-known personalities to have visited Kasar Devi.

Each year, thousands of devotees visit this Kasar Devi temple to offer their deliverance. This place is also well-known among the westerners seeking spirituality due to its popularity as Hippie Hill during the Hippie culture movement in 1970s. The place is famous for its tranquil and out of the way atmosphere along with the mesmerizing view of the Almora valley.

Kasar Devi came into prominence when Swami Vivekananda visited this place and meditated here. He was impressed by the place so much that he mentioned about Kasar Devi in his writings. After Danish mystic Alfred Sorenson (also known as Sunyata Baba) made Kasar Devi his home, this picturesque hamlet fascinated many western spiritual seekers to this place. Crank’s Bridge which is also known as Hippie Hill became a popular tourist destination during the Hippie era.

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